Pastoral Council

Mission Statement: Documents of Vatican Council II state that the Parish, the scriptural Body of Christ, is a community of faith called to carry out the mission of Jesus.  Therefore, the Parish Pastoral Council is a very important and meaningful part of the mission.  Individuals are called to use their particular talent in ways that make the Parish Community sensitive and responsive to the needs of its people.
So, we, the living members of the Mystical Body of Christ, are encouraged and urged by the documents of Vatican II to be more expressive of our faith by helping to direct and administer St. George's Parish on a never-ending mission to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Finance Associate:  Anthony Budway

Comptroller: Fred Simon

Holy Rosary Sodality: Patricia Viti

Religious Education, M.Y.O.:  Janelle Khoury

Property Maintenance: Deeb Tannous

200 Club: Jayne Capaldi

Social Activities: Deeb Tannous

Chief Information Officer:  Joseph P. Checrallah, Jr.

Order of St. Sharbel/NAM:  Georgeann Thomas

At-Large:  Christopher Thomas

At-Large:  Dr. Bernard DiLullo, Jr.