Sodality Officers 2014-2016

President: Patricia Viti

Vice President:  Jayne Capaldi

Secretary:  Melissa Daou

Treasurer: Jeannette Campagnone

Correspondence:  Gail Khoury

Arabic Secretary:  May Wakim

Chaplain:  Marie Ann Fantasia


Ways & Means Catherine Gergora
Scholarship Camille Akkaoui
Hospitality To be determined each month






Subject to Changes and/or Revisions throughout Year

Parish/Sodality Retreat
Parish/Sodality Lenten Mission
Lenten Meals for Fridays During Lent

Sodality Sunday (1st Sunday of Each Month)

LaSallette Visit
Annual Food Festival
Christmas Party
Installation For New Officers
Fashion Show
Member Funerals/Parishioner Wake Services
Membership Drive (Currently 93 Members)